A Golden Tree in the midst of Lake Oswego

Published April 13, 2012 by Harmonica Mosaic Music

All musicians need a place to put down the creative ideas they form, and I am no exception. And so I have a found a studio that is a diamond in the rough. Therefore, I am going to blast it from the rooftops. Its called Golden Tree studios and it has some of the most fantastic gear available.

Chief owner operator Seth Goldstein AKA Dirr Goldenslaggwer is very adept at making every nuance in your recording come alive.  He painstakingly takes great effort to get the perfect sound from the very first tack. The room is large and has great acoustics if you are a singer songwriter like me.  But make no mistake, this studio can handle very large groups as well.

*Bonus points – a turntable with records from the 70’s to jam to.

Golden Tree Recording Studio



Classic Beauty

Published April 13, 2012 by Harmonica Mosaic Music

Coming to our fair town is a band that is an all classical guitar trio. Im sure that Oregonians will love these guys. They are called the Athens Classical Guitar Trio. I think their synergistic blend of tones, combined with European flavors make them stand out above the crowd.  A good way to start your week.

Where: The Old Church, Portland

When:  Monday May 14th

For more info you can check out their website:  Athens Classical Trio

To The Rescue…

Published April 4, 2012 by Harmonica Mosaic Music

The great thing about being a music teacher, is that I am able to get an education from my students. I have a couple of new students that introduced me to this Swedish band called, “First Aid Kit”. This band literally came to the rescue and revived my heart from the dull ache it has felt listening to the Perry, Ke$ha, Gagaisms, that formed a female black plague surrounding us in toxic music waste. I am not in the business of searching for new music, so unfortunately I am spoon fed like everyone else. Living under a rock, I did not know this folk duo had been around since 2007. It’s a shame we don’t get to hear these fine ladies riding on commercial airwaves.  They are just as deserving as Adele, and they have resuscitated me back from music unconsciousness.

Here they are singing their song “Emmylou”

Svenskere laver sådan noget godt musik!


A little toast with that Jam?

Published April 2, 2012 by Harmonica Mosaic Music

If any of you have ever been to an open mic or now as they are called, “Open Jams”,  you know that there are many different styles of performers that play on any given night, and they may even all play together. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. But what makes it fun is that you can go see a person who plays harp, covering a song by Green Day. Or how about a piano player who plays his own style of offbeat classical, sprinkled with jazz notes.  Then there are the country artists, some of them playing a bit older songs that never go out of style like Johnny Cash, and songs from that band from the 70’s, “Pure Prairie League”. Of course there are the singer songwriters, with their love ballads and political leanings.  Or the guitarist extraordinaire who can play a mix of eclectic styles in many different time signatures. I love going to the open Jam!  My favorite place to go is TigardVille Station on Wednesday nights, to play my own simple- singer songwriter power pop genre. I love this place.  The people are friendly, the drinks are cheap, and they have a mix of bar and grill food with Thai cuisine anyone? If that doesn’t spell excitement for you, they have a crowd of fun people who will support your performance by playing drums, bass, flute, electric guitar, saxophone, violin, and if you are real lucky to catch him, a heck of an electric mandolin player. The core of the back up band is provided by Two Rivers, an acoustic duo made up of Eric and Deanna, and they strongly remind me of that other band from the 70’s, “Poco.” Yes if you haven’t noticed I love the 70’s sound. I’m trying to convince them to do the song “Indian Summer”  So if you are looking for something fun to do on a Wednesday night, head on down to Tigardville station to hear a toast to the best jam in the land by Jim Crutcher. It’s guaranteed you will leave a little happier, and your ear will have a respected well rounded training in musical diversity.

For a list of open mic’s in Portland click here


I am here….

Published April 1, 2012 by Harmonica Mosaic Music

I am glad to finally create a blog!  I would love to talk  about the day to day happenings of living in this beautiful world amongst the many trees and beauty of Oregon.  I like to meet people that are like me, simple, unfettered, and well… musically inclined.  Music is so essential for our lives, not just to listen to but to really heal us. I have played guitar since I was 10, but now I play piano as well, and I just love having this new found instrument to bring back the passion I felt when I first discovered guitar. I also play the violin, and hope to incorporate it in with my music someday. I will post some links to some music that I find interesting for ya’ll and give you general updates on the happenings of the music world here in the Portland area.

Here is a good paper I like to read for starters. If you are an acoustic musician, it is a valuable tool for helping you get gigs.

The Oregon Music News